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Be a captain!

Another wonderful item for our silent auction lets YOU be the captain of your very own firefly class ship!


That’s right, a copy of the Firefly game will be on offer this Saturday, 3rd October, at our Can’t Stop The Serenity event in London! So don’t miss out!


Announcing more amazing items for our London CSTS event in October

Here’s something shiny for you! We just received these amazing collectible coins from the Can’t Stop The Serenity headquarters.


These coins are beautifully made and have a wonderfully solid weight to them.


Come and pick up yours at Can’t Stop The Serenity in London on 3rd October!

Counting down with pins!

As we’re getting closer and closer to Can’t Stop The Serenity London, we’re getting very excited to announce some of the amazing items that will be available at this year’s event!
Today we’d like to put the spotlight on these very shiny enamelled metal pins:


The design commemorates 10 amazing years of CSTS, in which teams around the globe have tirelessly raised funds for charity while keeping the spirit of our favourite space crew alive!
Don’t forget to secure your tickets for 3rd October to make sure that you don’t miss out on a most excellent adventure!

Stay shiny,
Your CSTS London crew

New Auction Item

We’re excited to announce another item that will be available in our silent auction during our event on 3rd October 2015! Or, in this case, a set of items.


These adorable little amigurumi of the Serenity crew will be up for auction as a set, they’re hand made and one of a kind, so don’t miss your chance to bid on these cuddly little guys! Secure your CSTS London tickets now!