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A huge thank you from CSTS London 2015!

Hi everyone!

Sorry we went a bit quiet there after the event – we’ve all been super busy, but have finally managed to catch up with ourselves!

We want to thank everyone so much for your support of Can’t Stop The Serenity London 2015. We’re thrilled to announce that the proceeds from the event have come to a very shiny £500, which we’re proud to donate to Equality Now for their vital work campaigning for the rights of women and girls around the world.

Whether you came to the event and contributed to our fundraising efforts, donated a prize, helped us out on the day or liked & shared our posts to help spread the signal, we appreciate it so very much. We’re so happy to support Equality Now with this great donation, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

We hope all our attendees had a shiny time at our shindig, and really appreciate the feedback we’ve already received – we’ll take everything into account when we’re thinking about how to go bigger & better next year 🙂

A massive THANK YOU once again, for helping us continue to prove that there’s no power in the ‘verse can stop the signal.

All the best from your CSTS London 2015 Organisers


Be a captain!

Another wonderful item for our silent auction lets YOU be the captain of your very own firefly class ship!


That’s right, a copy of the Firefly game will be on offer this Saturday, 3rd October, at our Can’t Stop The Serenity event in London! So don’t miss out!

More auction items on the go!

We’re excited to announce two more auction items! We have two wonderful signed photos for you.


This beautiful hand signed print of Brigid Brannagh, who played Virginia Bryce on Angel, will be available in our silent auction.


We also have this gorgeous signed photo of Stephanie Romanov, who you will know as Lilah Morgan on Angel, which could be yours at the end of the silent auction.
Don’t forget to grab your ticket for our 3rd October event!

Beautiful #serenity inspired jewellery for London CSTS

Here’s more shiny awesomeness coming your way! This wonderful Serenity silver pendant from Dragon Weave will be available in our silent auction on 3rd October in London.


We also have this shiny necklace waiting for your bids.


As always, all proceeds from the auction will go to Equality Now!
We’re looking forward to seeing you at our shiny event!

Announcing more amazing items for our London CSTS event in October

Here’s something shiny for you! We just received these amazing collectible coins from the Can’t Stop The Serenity headquarters.


These coins are beautifully made and have a wonderfully solid weight to them.


Come and pick up yours at Can’t Stop The Serenity in London on 3rd October!