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If you haven’t seen it on our event information page yet, here’s the preliminary schedule for the event this coming Saturday!

4pm Doors open, raffle / silent auction / merch selling begins
4.30pm-6pm registration for cosplay contest open
5.30pm Trivia Bingo/Quiz
6.30pm Cosplay lineup & prize ceremony
7pm Announcements, official CSTS introduction
7.20pm raffle & silent auction close, raffle prize draw
7.30pm Serenity screening
9.30pm Winners of silent auction will be announced, closing statements

Don’t miss out on the fun! Stay shiny!


Be a captain!

Another wonderful item for our silent auction lets YOU be the captain of your very own firefly class ship!


That’s right, a copy of the Firefly game will be on offer this Saturday, 3rd October, at our Can’t Stop The Serenity event in London! So don’t miss out!

Beautiful #serenity inspired jewellery for London CSTS

Here’s more shiny awesomeness coming your way! This wonderful Serenity silver pendant from Dragon Weave will be available in our silent auction on 3rd October in London.


We also have this shiny necklace waiting for your bids.


As always, all proceeds from the auction will go to Equality Now!
We’re looking forward to seeing you at our shiny event!